At Prancers Farm we offer same and next day tree delivery service.  For an extra fee we will deliver your tree to your home and set it in your desired location or leave it on your front door.  This service is perfect for those that do not have a vehicle to transport the tree or may need assistance in setting up. (ADDITONAL FEES DO APPLY)

Vehicle Loading

Our friendly and helpful staff is always ready to assist with loading your tree in your vehicle.  We can assist with loading it in the back of your truck or securing it safely to your vehicle for the ride home.

Tree Netting

Our tree netting service is the perfect solution to assist in getting your tree home, loaded and unloaded.  Its ideal when carrying upstairs, tight quarters or to simply keep things mess free while transporting your tree.


Our Flocked Trees  will have your family and anyone who comes to visit during the holidays wishing they had one.  These colorful masterpieces will make your tree the talk of the neighborhood! Flocking colors available are: